Constitution: Fitness, Religion, Education, Training

Article XII

Fitness, Religion, Education, Training

Regarding Religion

( … )


The purpose of Religion;



One is a Christian if he has adopted the teaching of Christianity: 1) the eradication of hatred from the human heart. 2) the extension of kinship love to non-kin. 3) the extension of exhaustive forgiveness before punishment, enserfment, enslavement, death, or war. 4) Demand for Personal acts of Charity for individuals less fortunate.  This is all that is required of me to be a Christian.

One is an Aristotelian if I …. 1) I accept the laws of nature as binding on all of existence; … 2) if I deny the existence of a supreme being with dominion over the physical laws, and treat all gods, demigods, heroes, saints, figures of history, and ancestors as characters with whom I may speak to in private contemplation in the hope of gaining wisdom from having done so.  And 3) if I leave open that synchronicity appears to exist now and then, and that it may be possible that there is a scientific explanation for it, other than that humans subject to similar stimuli producing similar intuitions and therefore similar ends. That is all that is required to be an Aristotelian.

One is a Heathen if   ( … ancestors … ) and 2) if I treat nature as sacred and to be contemplated, protected and improved; and 3) I treat the world as something to transform closer to Garden in whatever ways I can before I die; and  And 4) if I participate with others of my society in repetition of oaths, repetition of myths, repetition of festivals, repetition of holidays, and the perpetuation of all of the above to my offspring.  This is all that is required of me to be a Heathen.

On is an Aryan if 1) He proudly displays his excellences so that others seek to achieve or exceed them; 2)  He seeks competition to constantly test and improve myself so I do not weaken; 3) I swear to speak no insult and demand it; 4) I speak the truth and demand it; 5) I take nothing not paid for and demand it; 6) I grant sovereignty to my kin and demand it; 7) I insure my people regardless of condition, and demand it; and in doing so leave nothing but voluntary markets of cooperation between sovereign men; and to discipline, enserf, enslave, ostracize or kill those who do otherwise; 8) to not show fear or cowardice, abandon my brothers, or retreat, and 9) to die a good death in the service of my kin, my clan, my tribe and my people. As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be an Aryan.

One is  a Warrior in that 1) we will prepare for war so perfectly that none dare enter it against us. 2) Once we go to war, we do so with *joy*, with eagerness, and with passion, and without mercy, without constraint, and without remorse; And 3) before ending war, we shall defeat an enemy completely such that no other dares a condition of our enemy, and the memory of the slaughter lives a hundred generations. As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be a Warrior.

One is a Smith (craftsman) … That is all that is required to be a Smith.

As far as I know, if One succeeds as a Christian, as an Aristotelian, as a Heathen, as an Aryan, as a Warrior, as a Smith, then he has transcended the animal man, and earned his place among the saints, heroes, demigods, gods, in the memories, histories, and legends of man.



No fundamental right can exist if it violates natural law.

Religion must be compatible with Natural Law or it is not religion but iether politics in religious dress, or warfare in disguise – but not religion.

If a religion is incompatible with Natural Law, then it is the merger of politics and religion – yet defense of the separation of church and state is the reason for our tolerance of religions.

So religions that are incompatible with natural law cannot be claimed a natural right.

So I have come to disagree with freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Instead: Require Truthful Speech and Truthful Religion: Compatibility with Natural Law.

Religion remains truthful despite the use myth, parable, allegory, scripture and ritual, as long as it conveys truthful principles by those analogies: compatibility with natural law.

Christianity is compatible with Natural Law. Poly-moralism and Dualist ethics are not compatible with natural law.

Christianity advises us how to act in concert with natural law. Islam, Judaism, and a handful of others recommend actions an expressly counter to natural law. And they state that they contain laws – the Talmud and the

Christians have been tolerant of heresies and competing religions in order to prevent the mandate of a state religion, and therefore to protect natural law, and the independence of religious wisdom based upon natural law from harm by the folly of men.

Neither Christianity nor Natural Law prohibit us from the expurgation of immoral religions that violate natural law.

Nor are we prohibited from philosophies that violate natural law: had we defeated marxism-leninism earlier then we would have saved a hundred million souls from suffering.

The limit of religious tolerance is Natural Law.

Everything else is just another act of war wearing a mask of religion to deceive us by preying upon our altruism.

We are the people who invented truth. We rescued mankind from ignorance, mysticism, disease, and poverty using our technology of truth: science and natural law.

We are the only people to have done it. They others hate it. We must not perish from this earth.


Regarding Education


1 – Provide vouchers for education through grade twelve.

2. Private tutors in the home shall be preferred for those able to do so.

3. Teachers shall form schools at their discretion, shall accept students they choose (or not), and shall operate the schools entirely by themselves, without any administrative staff, other than security and maintenance.

4. After the age of seven, boys shall be taught by men, and girls taught by women.

5. Teachers shall come from second-career occupations so that they have real world experience, and children older than those they are teaching.  The only other qualification teachers require is the production and use of lesson planning.

6. Restore class levels by ability regardless of age, and overlap grade levels in the same room wherever possible.

7. Restore proportional corporal punishment.

8. Restore school uniforms to neutralize class differences in dress, and add laundry service for uniforms and exercise clothes, returning such to each classroom daily.

9. To the Curriculum:

(a) Add Economics, Accounting, and basic and property Law to the Curriculum,

(b) Restore geography, economic, technological, and scientific history in place of political and military history.

(c) Remove ‘socialist studies’, ‘literature’, ‘politics’ and other disciplines of political indoctrination.

(d) Restore logic, debate, rhetoric (public speaking) – and require demonstrated ability in this for all teachers above sixth grade. (this will cull the field rapidly).

(e) Add etiquette, manners, ethics, morals under reciprocity, and require their adherence at all times.

(f) Restore two periods of physical activity per day – one brief in the morning for exercises, one in the afternoon for team sports.

10. Increase the size of cafeterias so the entire class can lunch at without hunger pangs, or deliver lunches to classrooms and pick them up afterward.

11. Cut the school day at age 14 to half day and begin apprenticeship and work programs, seeking to find afternoon work for all students in the school.

12. At the age of 14, delay start of school to give teen bodies the morning sleep they require because of their rapid growth while maturing.

13. Those students with disabilities such that they cannot adhere to behavior, etiquette, manners, ethics, and morals, or who disturb the harmony of the classroom by imposing costs upon the students and teachers attention shall be taught separately.

(Counsel: the experiment with commingling the able and unable has failed and shall be dismantled permanently.)

Regarding College and University

1 – A Vocational College shall consist of those fields that teach the Trades that transform the physical world through the use of tools.

2 – A Junior College shall consists of those offering vocational training outside of the STEM+L Fields, but in the clerical and support fields, and shall complete all courses in two or three years.

3 – A College shall consist of specialization in at least one of the STEM+L disciplines, and shall complete all courses in thee or four years, and may or may not offer masters and phd programs. And all professors must be full time.

4 – To hold the title University the organization must grant two, four, masters, and phd degrees in more than one college. Exit for masters and phd shall depend upon the german scholarship method.  And all professors must be full time.

5 – The Professors shall operate both the college and the university, and charge rates by professor and college as they see fit, with revenues to the colleges and professors as they see fit. (starve the bloated bureaucracy). The Treasury shall fund loans to the colleges for the production of Monumental Facilities from which to conduct their profession.

6 – All state financing of research shall be limited to the STEM+L fields.

7 – The state shall obtain a non voting interest exclusive of sale (transfer), in any an all research that results from state funding, and be given equal standing to the best standing of any dividend or sale.

9 – The state shall at all times seek to invest in private production of public goods, services and information that are revolutionary (additional) not just evolutionary (competitive), as a means of increasing the returns to the citizenry.


1 – Provide tax free loans to universities to loan to students, with the stipulation that those loans will be paid by payroll deductions for no more than ten years, with universities absorbing all losses.  (end incentive for churning)

2 – Limit university loans to the fields whose calculations are warrantable: Physical Science, Technology/Engineering, Economics/Finance,   Mathematics, and Law (STEM+L), with zero tolerance for inflation of the definitions of those disciplines.

3 – Prohibit use of undergraduate income to finance graduate and phd programs. Permit use of sports income to finance graduate and phd incomes.