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“An Indictment: A Prelude to War”

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“I categorize P as describing the intellectual foundations of western civlization that the populists are currently demanding,  but don’t know how to express in rational and scientific terms.”

  1. What we call or “the Propertarian Project”, “Propertarianism” (a system of measurement), “Sovereigntarianism” (The First Cause) or ‘Natural Law of Reciprocity”(The Method), or “The Natural Law of the European Peoples”, or any other of the names we use within it, is as large a reformation as were the Aristotelian (Reason), Augustinian(Compromise); British Empirical (First Scientific); and the Darwinian Era’s (Second Scientific) Revolutions – and we should consider Propertarianism’s position in intellectual history as the completion of the Darwinian Scientific Revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries, and the completion of the Aristotelian Research Program, fully disambiguating Fictions (Visions), Theology (Wishes); Philosophy(choice), Law (Cooperation) and Science(decidability), and completing the scientific method.

This completed scientific method also allows us to differentiate between reciprocal and truthful and irreciprocal and un-truthful speech. It’s a large project that reforms and modernizes every discipline.

But, you don’t need to understand the entirety of this project to understand this Constitution. You need only understand that there is far more behind its construction that might be obvious, and whenever you find something counter-intuitive, it’s because of that underlying reformation.

  1. You can, we can, anyone can, write a constitution in Propertarianism’s natural law of reciprocity, – or what we abbreviate as ‘P-Law” –  for any system of government, any economic model, and for any group of peoples, as long as it is stated in the vocabulary, grammar, and compositional form, of P-Law – and as long as it’s fully reciprocal, transparent, and its claims are testifiable by man.

P-Law, like mathematics or programming, expresses constitutions in formal operational logic, that eliminates the ability of the political class if there is one, from engaging in parasitism upon the people, and eliminates the ability of the people within the population engaging in parasitism upon each other. The only challenge we have found, is that it is difficult for those wishing a purely theological order to convert theological statements of law, to scientific statements of law – although it is possible – the faithful resist the reduction of the empathic to scientific terms.

  1. Given that we can write a constitution for any political, social, and economic order using P-law, our objective is to produce a set of constitutions in P-law for all european peoples – and for any other peoples who seek to enjoy the returns on Rule of Law by Reciprocity – the system of rule of the European Peoples.  And while all such constitutions will overlap considerably especially given our new Articles I, II, III, IV;  and while this constitution may be used as a template for future constitutions, what we have presented here is a constitution for the reformation and restoration of the United States of America and an end to the conflict whose present course is certain to lead to civil war.

We have learned from history that unstated compromises become unstated presumptions.

Therefore we caution readers that when drafting a solution of this scope to a problem of this scope we have erred on the side of completeness; and while we doubt any modification of the Law put forth in the Articles, that we anticipate some tempering of policies in the Acts.

4. We have chosen to reform the existing Constitution of the United States of America in continuation of the group strategy and political strategy of the European Peoples, and in particular the Northern European peoples, so that we may preserve the disproportionate utility of the strategy of the European peoples, and the Anglo-American third-way of a rapidly adapting, middle class majority, commons-producing, nuclear-family, high-trust civilization and its civil society – not only for our own present and future, but for mankind’s present and future.

5. This constitutional reformation includes a set of amendments to that Constitution of the United States of America that repeal, restate, and reform the Preamble, Articles, and Amendments of that Constitution. The principal reasons for reform rather than replacement are a) to preserve the corporation of the State as a “Going Concern”, reducing the continental and international military, economic, and political uncertainty, conflict, and chaos that would ensue otherwise, and b) to preserve the military, judiciary, treasury, and function of Insurer of Last Resort, thereby prohibiting foreign interests from obtaining a political, military or economic foothold on the continent; while c) devolving the choice of normative policy – meaning social policy – to the City-States, States, Counties, and localities.

6. A Caution: You will undoubtedly encounter concepts that are novel particularly in economics and law – and some assertions that have been subjected to foolish, dishonest, or fraudulent criticism during and after the French Counter-Empirical Enlightenment period. We beg your patience in thoroughly understanding the full scope of this work, and put forth a suggestion that despite your anticipated surprise, conflict, or rejection: it is extremely unlikely that we err in our assertions, arguments, or propositions. The reason being the innovation upon which this Reformation rests, is the completion of the scientific method, and it’s extension from the physical to the psychological, social, economic, legal, political, group strategic, and military disciplines. And not only have we thought through the consequences of these propositions but producing those consequences is the purpose of these propositions. And should anyone disagree with them our first question is whether they understand those consequences, and if so, our second question must be why they wish to preserve the capacity for deceit, fraud, theft, and parasitism that destroyed the ancient world, produced a dark age, and threatens the present repetition of both.


1. To Explain The Conflict of This Era – And All Previous Eras
. ( … )

The constitution solves the principle problem of the industrial age by Demanding Truth, Reciprocity, and Warranty in all aspects of commerce and commons, as means by which to end:

1. Falsehood by ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, obscurantism, fictionalism and deceit;
2. False promise,
3. Baiting into hazard, and
4. Rent-seeking (gains without contribution to the risk of productivity),
5. Profiting from harms, or penalty;
6. Undermining,
7. Restoring Power distances Commercial, Political, and Juridical
8. Especially Juridical Defense of Private and Commons.

By requiring full reciprocity:
1. Productive (prohibition on rents and free riding)
2. Fully informed ( prohibition on false promise, obscurantism)
3. Voluntary transfer (prohibition on takings of demonstrated interests)
4. Including by externality (including others indirectly)
5. Warrantied (liability for productive, fully informed, voluntary transfer).

Where all speech in such matters is treated as legal testimony, meaning it must meet the criteria of consistency in the dimensions:
1. categorical,
2. logical,
3. operational,
4. empirical,
5. rational (rational choice within limits of bounded rationality),
6. reciprocal
7. complete within stated limits,
And the consequences of which are:
8. within one’s ability to perform restitution.

In addition it enacts:
1. Reformations to institutions and processes thereby eliminating all means of parasitism.
2. Restitutions to those who have been harmed.
3. Punishments for those who have done harm.
4. Preventions: Changes in the constitution and the law creating a continuous market for profiting from the punishment of these forms of parasitism, once again forcing us into the market for voluntary cooperation in order to survive, prosper, and flourish.

The Peace of Westphalia, by which Europeans domesticated warfare:
1. Suppressed physical warfare, making states liable for maintaining a monopoly of violence in exchange for protecting the citizenry by limiting conflict to war between states by their militaries;

2. Persisted economic warfare, and the benefits therefrom;

3, Failed to anticipate or adapt to Financial Warfare and the Harms therefrom;

4. But failed to suppress warfare by non-military means: undermining by pseudomathematics in economics, pseudoscience in the social sciences, sophistry in philosophy, the academy, the law, political speech, and propaganda; undermining by tolerance of hostile political systems masquerading as religions; and immigration of hostile peoples unwilling, unable, or unfit for integration into European civilization sufficiently to persist the benefits to europeans and by extension to the world.  There are only three means of warfare: physical, economic, and undermining; and the european world does not defend against undermining because like all peoples we are only conscious of warfare by our civilizational means of it: because of our entrepreneurial rule, near kinship, small numbers, profesional warriors, the use of technology and manerver, we settle differences quickly before they scale, and return to production and taxation. And our civilization,  which as entrepreneurial is founded on markets in everything, but prohibiting violence upon each other, is not how the Chinese or the Semites practice practice warfare – the Chinese by Deceive, Delay, and Accumulate power, and the Semites by continuous undermining from within and raiding from without; And indians by absorbing and integrating and passive resistance until they reach the limit of their tolerance. The indians and europeans are similar in civilization and strategy, the semites and the chinese are our opposites.
3. each civilization produces harmony by… (china, india, semitia, europe, and africa has not yet)

And Where;
5. In every age, from Sun Tzu in China, to Machiavelli in the Renaissance, to Hobbs, Locke, Smith, Hume, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson in the Empirical Enlightenment, to Von Clausewitz, to Frederick the Great in Prussian Restoration of European Traditional Rule, to Lenin, Mao, and The Great Generals of the Second World War,

6. This work is structured as the Prosecution of War Crimes by entire classes of people, and the resulting restitutions, punishments, and preventions imposed under Natural Law.
7. This work .. (addresses these isues)  (institutionalizes this knowledge so it cannot be forgotten.

This innovation in the scope of suppression of crime under our law will be the greatest boon to western civilization since the industrial revolution, and will effectively outlaw the entire leftist program, prosecute, impoverish, ostracize, or imprison (or worse) those who have perpetrated this crime against our people.

While the Great lies of the twentieth have caused a hundred million dead and brought about the possibility of a second dark age, the great lie of the continental-democratic age is that we have sold democratic government and anglo capitalism or democratic socialism as a benefit to man, when the organization of government is largely irrelevant, and the economy must always consist of mixture of private for efficiency and innovation and state for strategic investment that is required for all people – it is the european rule of law of sovereignty and reciprocity, forcing all, including members of the church and state, into productive service of one another in markets out of mutual self interest, combined by that extension of the law of evidence we call european reason, science, logic, and mathematics that have been the cause of our success in the modern age and in the ancient.

2. To Provide a Reasonable Proposition for All Parties: This constitution, continuing Anglo legal tradition, provides a solution that is the best possible for all parties, without being the optimum solution for any party. However, if this constitution is resisted by opposition parties, then the terms escalate in favor of the Traditional America People and their way of life, as the ‘third way ‘ between dominant state, dominant religion: a middle class majority producing a natural aristocracy by market meritocracy, under rule of the Natural Law of Reciprocity. These terms of escalation are preferred by the Traditional people over preservation of those seeking to use the political, economic, and military scale of the continents, and the ease of obtaining political power under first past the post, majoritarian democracy, lacking any criteria for the franchise, while using underclass immigration, to achieve by invasion what is not achieved by ideas, evidence,  or results.

3. To De-Escalate, De-Monopolize, and Re-Specialize: To facilitate the separation of groups into separate political orders wherein each can produce commons preferred by their groups without imposing upon the preference of those who desire to produce different commons. This separation restores voluntary association and disassociation, and restore political customization, as was present in all of european history – even under a loosely federal church. And restores that political customization which was the intention of the original American Constitution, and that demand for political customization that remains the demonstrated interest of all present political factions – despite each seeking to dominate the others and obtain a monopoly rather than separate, in violation of American, British, european, legal, social, and economic traditions….wealthy enough to specialize

4. To Depoliticize: (restore rule of law and markets)
.( … ) Decrease the power distance.

5. To De-Disinformationalize
.( … )

6. To Increase Consumer Protections both Public And Private:
.( … )

7. To De-financialize: We include the largest economic reform since the Roman Empire, and the reorganization of the treasury and financial system such that it is in the interests of the working and middle classes that desire to raise families.  Aside from the Reformation of the Law, the economic reforms are the most influential and will provide the greatest benefit to the people regardless of political interest. The greatest frustrations of the european people are due substantially to the abuse of our people by the financial system – abuses which if the people understood fully, would alone cause revolt and demand for this constitution.The talking points are: nationalization of consumer credit, and all consumer credit issue direct from the treasury at simple interest dependent entirely on your disposable income; management of the money supply by distribution of liquidity directly to consumers into their treasury accounts, instead of distributing through the financial class and the banking system – this will cause businesses to fight for your money, not you fight for credit that puts you at risk, and extracts your income from you when it was your country the money was borrowed from in the first place; the acquisition and nationalization of the consumer credit card network; and the  creation and distribution of multiple currencies on those cards, so that we separate the monetary economies of survival, and preferential goods and services, similar to how we use EBT cards for food stamps today.  This means your home will be paid off in ten to fifteen years, meaning a one-income household can afford a home and children, your cars will cost sticker-price – and the eradication of the credit collection network..

8. To Restore the Family as the Object of Policy and Society – not the individual.
.( … )


9. To Restore Truthful Speech:
.( … )

10. To Restore The Civil Society And Social Harmony
.( … )

11. To Prevent Another Dark Age:
.( … )

12. To Bring About A New Renaissance
.( … )

In Preparation for The Future

(painful truths) In addition to correcting the crimes of the past, organize for the future.

falsehoods of the twentieth and twenty-first
integration has been a failure worldwide
1, end of the european period
2. the end of ‘growth’
3. the end of genetic capital
2, the end democracy
2. The usa’s interest in instability in the world, not stability
2. restoration of the balance of powers
3. the problem of judaism and islam

Organization of Government

The British Experiment

The government of the British Empire during the colonial period and up until the second world war, was the greatest achievement in political organization in european history combining rule of law, a monarchy, houses for the classes managing assets, the church for those lacking resources and ability, and technological, economic, legal, financial, and intellectual superiority, and openness to meritocratic rotation in the classes by demonstrated achievement.

The Monarchy, Nobility(Lords), and the House(Commons) made a few understandable but avoidable mistakes – because they were following an ancient tradition, predating their historical knowledge, without understanding the reasons for its successes – a failure we correct here.

Those mistakes were rather simple in retrospect: the failure to understand the reasons for their disproportionate successes; the failure to write the constitution in formal language insulated from abuse; the failure to create a house for each of the colonies, thereby preventing the American revolution, contributing to the American civil war, and the subsequent failure of the colonial project, and especially the failure to transform India from whom it had extracted yet failed to complete transformation; the inclusion of labor into the house of commons instead of creating a separate house for labor upon the failure of the church to transform in the face of the Darwinian revolution; the inclusion of women into the house of commons rather than a separate house; an attempt to maintain the balance of powers rather than the german expansion, and the Russian recapture of Constantinople, reversing the Islamic conquest. And the failure to transform the Lords into a supreme court for the legislature and weakening it instead; and finally a weakening of the monarchy’s role as Judge of Last Resort – meaning Veto – due to the failures of the political process, the fashions, passions, and fears of the day, to which all peoples are subject, and from which the monarchies are of their nature and interest, insulated.

In effect, the failure of the British to grasp that the government had served as a market between the classes despite their different interests and scales, and that under rule of law they had created not only the worlds most successful commercial market for the production of goods, services, and information – but the world’s most successful market for the production of commons.

A market for commons allows the unavoidable differences between classes of families, each of which has demonstrated different ability, to engage in exchanges within the political sphere, without resorting to propaganda, deceit, and coercion outside both inside and out. Instead, our peoples were made vulnerable to the industrialization of false promise, baiting into their own hazard, comforting deceits, and bribery in government and finance in exchange for the destruction of the institutions that had made their disproportionate success possible.

The American Experiment.

The American experiment included many of the same failures as the British, and some unique to the States. The single success was spectacular if inadequate, and that was: a Declaration, Federalist Papers, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, stating the Natural Law of Sovereign Men, and Their Natural Right To Life, Liberty, And Property and a government for the ‘Third Way”: a middle class government, of commercial meritocracy without aristocracy or nobility, in an attempt to defend itself from the Parasitism of the Church and The Landed Nobility.

The Canadian Experiment

( … )

The Australian Experiment

( … )

The Big Lie of the Anglo Revolution and Continental Counter-Enlightenment

( … )

The Un-Earned Franchise Past and Present

( … )


Table of Contents

Part 1

The Natural Law of the European Peoples

The group evolutionary strategy of the european peoples has remained constant for thousands of years, through the bronze, Mediterranean, continental, naval and colonial periods, and post-war, and our traditional law that reinforced that strategy remained constant independent of the various attempts at organizing rule.

In this section we codify for the first time, The Natural Law of the European Peoples in ratio-scientific form, not only to explain, and inform, but to prevent repetition of the dark ages past and present, and to provide for the european peoples that which others have codified: a logic and body of law beyond which none may tread by display word or deed – especially those in the military, state, government, treasury, and academy.

The European People

( … )

1. The Europeans

The Law of the European People

The west never had a bible – just a canon; and that canon was written in multiple frames, including scientific, legal, philosophical, normative, literary, and theological.

Philosophy, theology, and tradition are just narratives that explain a group strategy in a grammar of wishes. Law is the evidence of what actually occurs, not what is wished for. Our Founding Fathers, through generations of the english civil wars, sought to reduce that canon to constitution. But they lacked the skill we developed in the 20th because of programming, the sciences, and the collapse of the philosophical program. They were successful despite those weaknesses as long as the heroic narrative of the revolution persisted, or what the founders said was dependent upon the moral teachings of the church.

The failure of the church to reform in the face of Darwin and the sciences, the replacement of the church with the academy, the capture of the academy by the immoral left, combined with Anti-whiteness, under guise of privilege, colonialism, and slavery (not unique to whites at all) provided the means of undermining that narrative, and

So we must complete the greco-roman-germanic-anglo-american research program and produce that bible in the form of a constitution such that no narrative can undermine it, without causing our retaliation.

We need to create the white law – a rational, scientific, western competitor to Jewish law and Muslim sharia. A strict construction from our founding differences: sovereignty and reciprocity, truth and duty, judge and jury, heroism and excellence, family and commons, and the market for voluntary cooperation in all walks of life – that together produce the social-political and economic order most rapidly open to adaptation and innovation.

We need a constitution and a law closed to interpretation open to innovation, but beyond which no man, private, public, or foreign may tread.

Heroism and excellence, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, and Duty, Judge and Jury, and markets in all aspects of life: association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, polities, and war.

That is the secret to western civilization. Sovereignty.

2. The Law of The European People

Our Achievements

( … )

Our Failings

( … )

American mistakes (harmony not markets)
1) War of independence, rather than paying our debt for the french and indian war to the crown, and negotiating exit from european banking cartels. (Beneficial outcome:  writing down the common law in a constitution)
2) Not buying and paying for the repatriation of the slaves.
3) Not letting the south secede, civil war, and the catastrophe of the 14th amendment. No beneficial outcome.
4) Joining WW1 rather than letting Germany restore herself after Napoleon’s destruction of the holy roman (German) empire (France’s equivalent of the war of northern aggression)
3) The Versailles treaty granting France it’s wishes to destroy the holy roman empire and de-prussianize germanic civilization – the heart of european civilization for all of our history.
4) Joining WW2
5) Taking over rather than reinforcing and restoring the British empire, as the primary global defense of western civilization.
6) Taking over the pound as the world reserve currency
7) Not letting loose our generals Macarthur in china and Patton in Russia.
8) Not suppression the jewish postwar movements – particularly communism, marxism, cultural marxism, and postmodernism
9) Tolerating libel slander and gossiping under the pretense of free speech.
8) No fault divorce, child support and alimony, and removing liability for interference in the marriage.
9) Not helping Russia after the fall
10) Converting from Eugenic Credit to Dysgenic Credit: That’s how it was done. Universities, Credit, and Stacking the vote with Immigration: depopulation by credit expansion instead of eugenics by credit management.


British Mistakes
1) Not creating a house of the colonies)
2) allowing jews into the state, academy…

The greatest mistakes our country made were not letting the south secede, expanding the franchise to those unproductive and lacking responsibility, and the hart cellar act to open the gates to the underclasses – destroying the American experiment in a third way: middle class civ. These are followed closely by tolerating the postwar suppression of the american eugenics movement, and not brutally crushing the communist movement, marxist-postmodernist movements.

We were tolerant in greek, roman, germanic, and british civilizations.

Tolerance is a weakness not a virtue.


( … )

1. Man





The Natural Law

Display, Word, and Deed


1. Reciprocity


Ethics and Morality

Science absolutely positively can tell you the answer to ethics and morality.

Morality, including the moral instincts, consist in reciprocity within the limits of proportionality, where reciprocity consists of limiting our actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer( trade, consumption, harm, destruction, loss) of demonstrated interests free of imposition of costs upon demonstrated interests of others by externality. That’s morality. It’s got to be or evolution (physics) wouldn’t tolerate our existence as a species.

There is no difference between physics (involuntary change), economics (productive cooperation), and morality (social cooperation), except we have memory so can invest in and borrow from one another across time (. All that varies is the level of immorality tolerated given the stage of development in the current military, political, and economic circumstances.

So yes, science has told us what manners, ethics, morals, consist of. They cannot tell you what those range of actions will be in three years any more than economics can tell you that, because what constitutes reciprocity within the limits of proportionality, varies with the structure of production of polities, commons, goods, services, and information.

So we absolutely positively know what the physical and natural laws consist of – because they’re the same – we can judge borrow from one another or invest in one another and punish one another for violating those investments and borrowings (thefts, parasitism, free riding), and we do so by moral intuition we call “altruistic punishment’ – the payment of high personal costs of punishment of others to preserve the high value of trust in cooperation (borrowing, investing) in one another, because of the impossible-to-replace returns on cooperation – wherever cooperation is reciprocal: productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary, transfers, and free of negative externality.

And good luck refuting that scientific claim – because you will not be able to without violating it. It’s a physical law of conscious, cooperative, species beyond which no conscious cooperative species can survive.

Evil < Immoral < Unethical < Amoral > Ethical > Moral > Good

Quod erat demonstrandum
Thus endeth the lesson.

2. Morality


The Method of the Natural Law

( long )

The Methodology

( … )

1. The Method 


( … )

2. The Arguments


If you study math, programming, the physical sciences, economics, or law, you will notice the similarity, in that there are n-number of software design patterns at every level of complexity; n-number of physical laws at every level of complexity; there are n-number of economic ideas at every level of complexity; and n-number of properties of law at contract, jurisprudence, and state authority; and you learn the economic ideas by the association with the author, and the legal ideas by association with a case; the programming ideas by label, example or function, and the mathematic ideas at every increase in dimensions (shapes) by the most absurd archaic nonsense language humanly possible.

That there is a regular, obvious pattern to the available operations at every level of complexity, where a level is defined as the set of operations possible before a subsequent operation is possible. In other words, you can’t make a molecule without an element, or an element without an elementary particle, or an elementary particle without the elementary forces.

This is what The Grammars in Propertarianism explain.

This particular pattern will explain language to you in a way that will explain all languages to you whether that language is one we speak, or one consisting of operations possible in the physical, sentient, and social world.

3. The Grammars


4. Decidability


5. Testimony

Due Diligence

6. Due Diligence


7. Warranty

8. Liability

9. Restitution, Punishment, Prefention

Strict Construction

10. Algorithmic (Strict) Construction

Application of the Natural Law

( … )

1. Government and Law

2. Government

3. Law

4. Norms

5. Marriage and Family

6. Education

7. Economics

8. Physical Science

9. Mathematics

10. Philosophy

11. The Pseudosciences

12. Religion

The Pursuit of Non-False Religion

Natural Law (P-Law) is compatible with religion. It’s that (a) Abrahamic religion is incompatible with testimonial truth; (b) testimonial truth is necessary to suppress de-civilization, destruction, and conquest by islam, judaism, and jewish marxism, postmodernism, feminism, and evolutionary science denialism – the purpose of which is to prevent continued transcendence of many into gods with european understanding of the language and words of the gods: math, science, the laws of nature, and the natural law of man; (c) nature thanks, ancestor thanks, civilizational-hero thanks, archetype thanks, the stoic method of virtue and mindfulness, and the epicurean philosophy, invented by europeans, constitute the only non-false religion we know of other than east asian ancestor worship, buddhist mindfulness, confucian wisdom, and ethnocentrism: self-love.

We cannot produce a body of law free of falsehood, and that restores unification of church and state, with a religion compatible with the physical, natural, and transcendent laws, that closes the door to another body of undermining with the Abrahamic, female method of destruction of civilization by false promise of unwarrantable freedom from laws of nature, natural law of man, and necessity of evolutionary transcendence of man, baiting into hazard, creating conflict between the elites, classes, genders, and generations, destroying the informational, institutional, civil, familial, commons upon which our high trust civilization depends – and profiting from the managed decline.

The only difficulty in this process is that christians resist the final reformation of their religion out of abrahamic deceit and into the imitation of Jesus – the invention of the feminine god of those who suffer – compatible with european civilization’s masculine gods, regardless of their names: Washington, Caesar, Jupiter, Dius, Zeus, Ziu, Tyr, Tiwaz, Dayus Pitar “sky father”; Alexander, Mercury, Thor; And the rest – “the gods of those who joy”.

A non-false religion consists in one that is not in conflict with Laws of Nature, Natural Law, or the Law of Transcendence – the continued evolution of man into omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality, written in the language of those laws – math, science, natural law – that teaches us debt to nature, our ancestors, their heroes, those laws, and adherence to those laws.

That is the perfect, non false, religion.

If there is a god or are gods, that is the only religion commensurable with the evidence of their writing, and their words – the laws of the nature universe, and of natural law of man, and of the law of transcendence, the evolution of man into gods.

(Religion is answered in Part 2 below.)

Part 2

An Indictment: A Case for War

A prosecutorial indictment of enemies past and present, as the cause of the conflict. There is blame for the enemy and blame for ourselves. But regardless of blame, we must act for not only our people, our civilization, but to protect mankind from its only existential threat from within.

(~6000 words.)

1. The Conflict  

The Century of The Jewish Counter-Revolution Against Darwin and Darwinian Civilization

European Civilization’s Eugenic, Darwinian, Strategy
The European peoples have been able to evolve genetically, culturally, economically, technologically and scientifically faster than all other peoples in the ancient and modern worlds because of our traditions of:
… self determination, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life;

… the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve as rapidly as possible,

… advancing productive innovations in each other’s interests, and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for softly suppresses the rates of reproduction of the underclasses,

… allowing us to divert proceeds from our production to the commons, and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, trust, artistic, scientific, technological, economic adaptive and and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from it.

Western civilization is not the first, but it is the fastest, in the prehistoric, ancient, and modern worlds, sovereignty expands human ability most rapidly for the simple reason that market rule, limited by natural law. creates both the most incentive to innovate and change, and the least resistance to innovation and change, that are possible at any given moment.

The Restoration of European Civilization
I – The restoration of Aristotle, the restoration of writing, and the Re-separation of Germanic from Latin Civilization.
… 1. 1100-1300- The turn of islam to fundamentalism, the flight of islamic scholars, the return of Aristotle by muslim scholars, their translation into latin,
… 2. The European Re-Conquest of spain.
… 3. The Evolution of the Hansa and the completion under the Holy Roman Empire of the Rule of Law project, contractualism, individual sovereignty, mobile labor, capital concentration, the corporation.
… 3. The Ottoman conquest of Byzantium, fall of Constantinople, the muslim blockade, the search for alternate trade routes, the age of sail, the age of muslim piracy, the age of exploration, the age of colonization.

II – The First British Scientific Revolution 1600’s+
… 1. Newton 1660, Locke, Smith, Hume.
… 2. The defeat of the ottomans, and the final constraint of islam after a thousand years of raids, slaving, piracy, conquest and subjugation.

III – The Continental Secular Theological Counter-Revolution
… 1. The French Counter-Revolution Rousseau (1700’s)
… 2. The German Counter-Revolution Kant et al (1800’s)

IV – The Second Anglo-German Scientific Revolution 1830+
(Menger, Darwin, Spencer, Maxwell, Hilbert…)

1. The Jewish Pseudoscientific Counter- Revolution 1850
… The anglo enfranchisement of the jews
… (a) The Marxist and Jewish undermining of the HRE.
… (a) The Bolshevik overthrow of Russian civilization
… (b) The Communist Undermining of Germanic civilization
… (c) The Communist seizure of power in France.
… (d) The Communist, marxist, postmodernist, invasion and undermining of America.

V – The Anglo American Technological Revolution
(Turing, Edison-N, Telecom, Radio, Transistors, Computers,)
… (a) (Ongoing.)

The History of The Jewish Counter-Revolution
1. Marxism(1850+): To cast jewish condition as a universal condition. To undermine cooperation between the classes. To undermine white ascent into capital concentration.
2. Freudianism(90′-20’s): To undermine Darwin and Instincts
3. Boasianism(10-20’s): To undermine Darwin and integration
4. Cantor and Bohr: To undermine mathematical realism.
5. Neo-Marxism(50’s+): To undermine Darwinian Cultural Homogeneity.
(Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse, Antonio Gramsci)
6. Feminism(60’s+): To undermine Darwin and the Family.
7. Postmodernism(70’s+): To undermine Darwin,Truth, Science, Reason.
8. HBD-Denialism(80’s+): To blatantly deny Darwin and Evolution
9. Identitarianism(90’s+): To undermine the Darwinian White Peoples

The Group Strategy of The Left: Defeat Darwin to Facilitate Separatism.
The entire ideology of the left is to resist integration, to preserve their parasitic group strategy, to preserve their female means of undermining, to deny the Darwinian revolution and the necessity of paternal, hierarchical, market meritocratic consumption and reproduction.

All political conflict is reducible to this question
The right practices markets in everything: darwinian evolution.
The ideological left denies evolutionary pressure exists.
The theological right only debates its cause.
This is why the right is ‘right’ even if for the wrong reason.

LEFT: Maternal, equalitarian, dysgenic devolutionary
RIGHT: Paternal, meritocratic, eugenic evolutionary.

Revolt. Separate. Continue to Speciate.
Return to our ancestral means of conquest, rule, and darwinian domestication of man by markets.

2. The Histories

3. Religion

This Confllct that Undermines Our Civilization from Within.

Humans evolved at least three sets of faculties: the physical-sensory, the
intuitinistic-emotional, and the rational-intellectual. And we evolved ‘grammars’ (paradigms and logics) to express the experience of those faculties. Because those different experiences require different metrics(systems of measurement) and descriptions (analogies) of expression.

Scientific experience in scientific testimony, in expressions of empirical natural law (intellectual). Ordinary language for discourse for conduct of daily life (physical). And Mystical experience expressed in poetry, the development of mythical and religious structures that send one down a destination-less path into the ephemeral (intuitionistic-emotional).

The question is, must they be coherent compatible and commensurable even if they are expressed in different grammars: deflationary-scientific vs inflationary-poetic.

And my answer is yes.
There is no reason for conflict.
And it is this conflict that undermines our civlization from within.

We Know The Name of the Devil

Europeans speak in the language of the gods, written in the hand of the gods:
math, science, physical law, natural law, and testimony.

Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Postmodernism, Feminism, Libertarianism and Neoconservatism all bait us into hazard — so do Freudianism, Boasianism, Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, and Human-Biodiversity-Denialism. They teach us to lie. To Deny the language of the gods, written in the hands of the gods, and our means of transcendence into gods: evolution.

If you are a devil what do you seek?
To prevent man’s transcendence into gods.
To deny evolution: the means by which we transcend into gods ourselves.

If you are a devil what language would you speak?
What does our foundational myth of the blacksmith and the devil tell us?
The devils bait you into hazard with false promise. False promise of life after death, false promise of freedom from the physical and natural laws and the demands of evolution that transcend man into gods.

We know the name of the devil.
His name was Abraham.
He was from Ur.

4. The Crimes

5. The Lies

Supporting Documents

A Judgement

( … )

1. Judgment

2. Sentencing

3. Enforcement: Threats, Charges, and Duties

4. Letters of Marque 

Part 3

The Introduction to the Reformation And Revolution

This constitution isn’t just a proposal. It is an offer of the terms of settlement prior to the escalation of hostilities in what will be the bloodiest civil war in human history with consequence that propagate across globe, and alter the course of human history, on a scale not seen since the fall of the roman empire – worse than the world wars.  And as such a proposition for settlement is incomplete and insufficient without the threat of the promise of consequences if mutually tolerable terms are not met.

  1. A Revolution: The Introduction

The Declaration of Reformation

The Declaration, mirroring the original Declaration of Independence states the case for reformation of all governments under the existing constitution; the crimes that this government has allowed against our people; the condition of the federal government as one of empire against the interests of the people; the vulnerability of the governments and the empire;  an appeal to accept this constitution on moral grounds; and the threat we make if any resists;

  1. The Declaration

The Reformation of the Constitution

The preamble provides an explanation of the human need for political organizations, the development of the european contractual model of political organization; the purpose of a constitution as a means of engineering and operating such organizations; the unequalled success of the constitutional model of engineering and operating polities; the failures of our constitution, our jurists, and our people to adapt to innovations in violations of the Natural Law of the European Peoples; how to correct those failures; The demands of the current condition of our peoples; Our available choices for the correction of the current conditions under that law; The choice we propose; and the amendments to the existing constitution to bring

  1. The Preamble

The Articles

  1. Article I – Man
  2. Article II – The Law
  3. Article III – Rights and Obligations
    Video: Articles I, II, III.
  4. Article IV – The Court
  5. Article V Section I – The State
  6. Article V Section II – The Military, Regiments, and Militia
  7. Article V Section III – The Treasury
  8. Article V Section IV – The Insurer of Last Resort
  9. Article VI – The Government of the State
  10. Article VII – The Governments of the Several States
  11. Article VIII – The People
  12. Article IX – The Economy
  13. Article X – The Commons
  14. Article XI – Commerce and Cooperation
  15. Article XII – Marriage, Family, Children
  16. Article XIII – Training: Religion, Fitness, Education, Training,
  17. Article XIV – The Territories, Monuments, Arts, and Letters
  18. Article XV – Articles of Devolution
  19. Article XVI – Restitutions and Punishments

The Constitution in a Single Document



Introductory Videos by John Mark

  1. Reciprocity
  2. The Number One Job of Government
  3. The Constitution – Overview (coming soon… )
  4. Harnessing the Power of Western Civilization
  5. Future Geostrategic Conditions
  6. Civil War 2 – Who Will Win?
  7. Civil War 2 – What Come After?


Note: The hierarchy of legal terms (Article, Section etc) is as under:

a) Article
b) Section
c) Rules
d) Regulations.
e) Clause

The Course and Conduct of A Civil War

—“The purpose of our position on civil war is to remind both sides that the unthinkable is not only thinkable, but possible, if not probable – and that’s why we need to take positive action to resolve our differences. And that we recommend peaceful separation.”— John and Curt

  • Fourth Generation Warfare: End of European Domestication of War
  • Optimum Strategy
  • Strategic Options and Historical Precedents (raid, raid-siege)

( … )

An Appeal to the Civilizations of the World

  • Eastern Europe (links to …)
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • Africa

And to Western Peoples:

  • Americans
  • Europeans
  • Canadians
  • Australians and New Zealanders

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