Apr 18, 2017 11:29am

Imagine how much smarter you would be, the entire population would be, if the same increase in intelligence made possible by physical science was made possible by operational science?

In other words, imaging how much smarter people were after literacy. (about a full standard deviation)

Imagine how much smarter people were after mass education in the sciences. (about a full standard deviation)

We have some idea how much dumber people are because of NOT teaching history, economics, grammar, logic, rhetoric.

What would happen if instead of being saturated by lies, you lived your life in a world of informational truths – at least in the commons. (I suspect it would produce a full standard deviation).

Your IQ is a genetic thing, but the application of it is dependent upon the quality and quantity of information MINUS the effort you expend in falsification of it.

If the market for goods, services, and information, increases in productivity and quality (and our assumption about man as well) increases in optimism, undrer the incremental expansion of law from violence to theft, to fraud, to disinformation… then why ca’nt we do the same with information by the same means?

Why is it so hard to ask for journalists, public intellectuals, and politicians, all of whom distribute information into the market, to warranty their speech the same way we warranty goods, services, and other information that can cause harm?

Are you saying that more harm is done by marketers than is done by politicians and intellectuals, and journalists?

Are you crazy?

these people almost to a man, lie for a living.