What is Propertarianism?


The central idea is the completion of the scientific method, and its application to the entire spectrum of human knowledge.  Although understanding the full scope of what that means isn’t at all obvious from that statement.

The completion of the scientific method is contained in Propertarianism’s Testimonial Truth (Epistemology). Acquisitionism (Psychology),  Propertarianism (sociology), and Natural Law (Ethics, Politics, and Group Competitive Strategy).

The rest of the work consists of application of that scientific method to the scope of human knowledge: “Here is the completed scientific method. If we apply the completed scientific method to the full scope of human knowledge, organized by combining categories of philosophy and social science into a single hierarchy, the result is *all of these ideas*.”  

The consequence of completing such a reformation of the scope of human knowledge, is our ability to explain not only all of human behavior, but to compare all human civilizations and explain why each excelled (The West), developed (China), fell into stasis (India), or regressed (Islam, Australian aboriginals, and possibly central africans), were conquered (far too many), or Collapsed (Mesoamericans).

This reformation is on the same scale of the previous generations of the scientific method: aristotelian reason and stoic psychology of the late ancient world, anglo empiricism of the early modern era, anglo-germanic science of the 19th and 20th centuries, and brings the social soft-sciences from pseudoscientific into the hard sciences.  But, given human defense of malinvestment in falsehoods, I suspect these arguments will take as long to propagate through our civlization as did those previous reformations of human knowledge.

Whether you consider Propertarianism the Completed Scientific Method, Natural Law (social science), or the codification of the strategy of western civilization, depends upon your interest: intellectual (method), institutional (natural law), or anthropological (the reasons for western rapidity of progress in the ancient and modern worlds.)

My original purpose was only to provide a scientific language for describing the group competitive and evolutionary strategy of western civlization.  The result is the completion of the scientific method, an explanation for the success of the west, a reformation of human knowledge, and a Constitution of Natural Law by which any and all may live.


The west, for historical reasons, both genetic, environmental, economic, and cultural, developed deflationary truth and truth-telling producing trust and rapid adaptability to change, that like their military tactics allowed smaller and poorer numbers to defeat larger and wealthier numbers by maneuver.

Using truth, meritocratic egalitarianism (class equality), sovereignty, common law, and jury, the west produced a market order of governance – and by consequence ‘markets in everything’ that continued the strategy of constant adaptation.

And that just as wealth made possible by empires made migration of undomesticated underclasses mobile in the early bronze age, and in the ancient iron age, that colonialism and industrialization made underclasses mobile in the modern age.

But, while violence has decreased, we have merely translated the visible predation of violence for the less visible predation of pervasive fraud.

So, while we can never know that something is true or perfect, we can however, very systematically, perform all known due diligence against falsehood and deceit as rigorously as we perform mathematics.

Testimonialism expands the scientific method to provide a means of performing sufficient due diligence that one can warranty that his speech is not false.

By using Testimonialism we can extend the demand for due diligence we require in products and services to that of public speech (especially for money, and especially regarding politics), and we can reverse the industrialization of lying that has been made possible by our failure to regulate the industrialization of information and opinion that we call financialization, pseudoscience, pseudo-rationalism, pseudo-historicism (supernaturalism), propaganda, and in particular, marxism, socialism, postmodernism, and political correctness and outright lying in public.

In other words, we can impose warranty of due diligence upon everyone for public, published (amplified, distributed) speech. And we can end, in this era the industrialization of lying.

And with that single innovation we can reform and restore western civilization and save ourselves from a second dark age by the second abrahamic conquest of western civilization.


1 – The completion of the innovation of the calculus, of competition, of evolution, of markets by applying it to truth, resulting in the completion of the scientific method.

2 – The merger of science, philosophy, morality, and law into a single consistent science of decidability.

3 – A re-interpretation of history as a competition between eugenic and dysgenic strategies and incentives of peoples with different levels of genetic domestication.

4 – The Age of Algorithm.

||  Myth and Analogy > Reason and Justification > Rationalism and Consistency > Empiricism and Correspondence > Algorithm and Existence.

5 – The Universal Political Philosophy:

“Science is a universal language of truthful speech; reciprocity is a universal ethic; nationalism is an extension of the family and the universal social order.  The only meaningful differences between the races, subraces, and tribes, is the size of our underclasses, our degree of neoteny, and our degree of sexual dimorphism. And we can all transcend into the gods we imagine if we practice truth, reciprocity, nationalism, and a gentle reduction of the size of our underclasses“


While propertarianism serves as an anti-philosophy system of thought, we rely upon the traditional hierarchy of categories:

“-From Reals to Feels-“:
Metaphysics:…………….Vitruvianism: Man is the measure of all things man (cog. sci.)
Psychology: ……………..Acquisitionism: Man acquires and defends.
Sociology: ………………..Compatibilism: Intertemporal division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy wherein we combine information and calculate compatible means to the achievement of different ends through voluntary conflict, competition, cooperation, and boycott.
Ethics and Morality:..Propertarianism. (Reciprocity) The Ethics of Non Imposition, production, and investment.
Epistemology: …………Testimonialism. The competition between imaginary associations and existential measurements in all dimensions of actionable reality.
Law: …………………………Algorithmic Natural Law.  The Natural Law of Reciprocity. Strictly constructed from the test of reciprocity.
Politics: ……………………Markets in Everything. (Which I call “Market Fascism”  with tongue in cheek.)
Strategy:………………….. Agency: Maximization of agency through Transcendence, Sovereignty, and Heroism
Spirituality:………………Transcendence: Masculine Stoicism, Feminine Epicureanism, Ritual Familialism, Feast Naturalism,…….Festival Nationalism.
Aesthetics:……………….,Truth(Testimonial), Excellence(Density), Goodness(Morality[‘the commons’]) and Beauty(Bounty).


VITRUVIANISM: man is the measure of all things to man. Meaning that man’s categories of cognition are determined by his brain structure and his brain structure is evolved and organized for humans to act at human scale.

TIME: our first resource is time. our development of action, sentience, intelligence, cooperation, division of labor, writing, narrative, numbers, money, accounting, reason, law and science serves to produce increasing returns on time. When we increase our numbers in physical space we decrease opportunity costs (time). When we increase incremental suppression of parasitism and free riding, we decrease transaction costs (time). trades, money, savings, store time – time to trade with others.


ACQUISITIONISM: all behavior is reducible to the incentive to acquire interests. we can enumerate those categories of interests we seek to acquire. we remember those things we have invested in as costs, and defend those costs. (our complex interests some of which are our possessions )

We provide a list of categories that explain the sum total of what people seek to acquire an ‘interest’ in.

PROPERTARIANISM: We can empathize with intent and therefore cooperate. We can remember, so we can exchange cooperation over time, as well as forgo cooperation if it’s irreciprocal. Cooperation is so much more productive than individual action that it is an un-substitutable good. So preservation of incentive to cooperate requires profitable(productive) reciprocity.

That which we have borne costs to obtain an interest without imposing costs on the interests of others does not violate reciprocity. All non-criminal/criminal, unethical/ethical, and moral/immoral behavior can be reduced to statements of reciprocity.

We reduce most questions to “at this moment, what is a person attempting to acquire?” And then “how reciprocal(moral) or ir-reciprocal(immoral) is his action?”



TESTIMONIALISM: humans evolved to negotiate. Negotiate given three options: avoidance, conflict, or cooperation. We did not evolve to speak truthfully, but pragmatically.

However, we can learn to speak truthfully just as we can learn to read using symbols, write using symbols, grammar, and vocabulary, do arithmetic and mathematics answer logical questions, and write computer software.

The reason being, that just as there are only so many existential dimensions to the universe (point, line, space, geometry, change (time/space)), there there are only so many actionable dimensions to the universe (categorical, logical, empirical, operational, rational, moral, and scope-completeness).

Just as we can use different levels of mathematics to test our theories (count, arithmetic, accounting, ratios (‘math’), geometry and trigonometry, calculus, and algebraic geometry), we can we can test each of those actionable dimensions of reality.

Just as it is very difficult for a statement of constant relations in mathematics to be false if it meets all the necessary dimensional criteria, it is very difficult for a statement of truth in ordinary language to be false if it meets all the necessary dimensions of criteria.

As such, while it is almost impossible to know if we speak truth proper – meaning, the most informationally parsimonious description possible – we can however warranty we have done all available due diligence against ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, deception and lies. (WARRANTY OF DUE DILIGENCE)

So while it does take some practice to meet these criteria, the only novel dimension is the ‘operational’, which requires a very limited grammar.

But if we use this grammar it is literally almost impossible to err, just as it is nearly impossible to write a program that will run and not err.

Just as it is nearly impossible to construct certain proofs and still err.

To a significant degree it is possible to construct a language, vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of truthful speech: Testimonialism.






NATURAL LAW AND COMMON LAW  There is only one law of universal morality, and that is the law of reciprocity. It is possible to construct all laws as derivations of this one law of reciprocity, using the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of testimonial speech, producing strictly constructed original intent and textualism. If all law is written as such it is closed to interpretation on one hand, and false, dishonest, immoral, insufficient, and incomplete laws can be identified and sunset by competitive argument.

This ends judicial activism and circumvention of the law on one hand, and limits the construction of legislation (contracts of the commons) to that which does not violate reciprocity.

Conversely, it is possible for judges to discover new applications of the natural law of reciprocity – whether they start from the history of judgements (common law) or they start from pre-calculated judgements (canon law), or a combination of the two (common law of judgements on top of canon law).

And for this reason, innovations in free riding, parasitism, and predation can be eradicated and added to the legal canon as soon as the first case is adjudicated.

Moreover, the legislation can be falsified and removed, court findings can be falsified and removed.



THE INFORMATIONAL COMMONS: While we protect the life, and property,  the contract of marriage, the physical commons (land, water, air, infrastructure), our institutional commons (govts, laws, even traditions), and even fine arts and monuments; and while we protect the market of products and the market for services, one thing we do not protect is the market for information. We can extend the demand for due diligence that we require in the markets for goods and services to the market for information. But that requires a test of truthful speech: a warranty of due diligence.

TRUTHFUL SPEECH: Once we can test for due diligence in truthful speech, we can counter-act the media revolution’s industrialization of lying (academy, state, and media-advertising), by extending the demand for warranty of due diligence in products and services to a demand for warranty of due diligence in public speech, and grant universal standing to all citizens in defense of the ‘informational commons’.

This means that anyone will be able to sue anyone for speech that fails the tests of due diligence. While this will not need to apply to private speech, it means that business, finance, media, academy, and state can no longer use the power of mass communications to lie and deceive the people. (This may sound strange until you have some experience with it, but it works.

Now, if you have some idea of the difference in mankind caused by the scientific revolution in the physical sciences, you might be able to imagine the vast improvement in our lives by the scientific revolution in the social and information sciences.

Imagine if no organization could use media to lie to you. Imagine how consumer protections would evolve. Imagine how politicians and professors would have to speak to us.

We cannot know what is true, but we can know what is false.

And that is enough.

MARKETS IN EVERYTHING: Once we rely on natural law for the resolution of differences, then our only means of cooperation is in markets – markets in everything. Including association, cooperation, reproduction, production of goods, services and information, production of commons, production of polities, and production of group evolutionary strategies.


INTERTEMPORAL DIVISION OF PERCEPTION : Intertemporal Division of Reproductive Perception Knowledge Labor and Advocacy: The difference between the feminine (short term), libertarian (medium term) and conservative (long term) moral biases constitutes an intertemporal division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy.

The way we ‘calculate’ what is ‘good’ is through voluntary exchanges: cooperation. So the fact that we have different biases provides necessary and advantageous specializations, and our principal problem then is providing ‘markets’ by which we can cooperate and ‘calculate’ group needs through constant exchanges.

By choice of individual sovereignty, we limit ourselves to natural law. By the choice of natural law we limit ourselves to markets in everything. By limiting ourselves to markets in everything we produce markets for association, cooperation, mating and reproduction, production commerce and trade, the production of commons (government), and the production of polities (Armies and Territories and Rule).


Propertarian Class Analysis: there are only three methods of coercion: force, gossip, and remuneration. Masculine force, libertarian trade, and feminine gossip, rallying, and shaming(exclusion from opportunity).


Instead of one class hierarchy there are three. Societies are dominated by some arrangement of these three methods of coercion (Military and law, finance and commerce, priesthood and public intellectuals). Each fights for power, with the core of the population shifting under who best serves them, while at the same time protecting them from outside competition.

Within those classes we see genetic, social, and economic classes. Genetic roughly reflecting reproductive desirability. Social roughly reflecting manners, norms, and education, and economic/political reflecting achievements.


For all intents and purposes, with wide individual variation, physical attractiveness (which yes, is a universal), fitness, IQ, and personality, serve as a rough indicator of class.

For all intents and purposes, intelligence serves as a personality trait – and perhaps the dominant personality trait.

For all intents and purposes, personality and physique require exercise in order to produce individual fitness. (This being the primary failure of the 20th century – personality training. )



( undone )



MARKET GOVERNMENT. There is no reason for monopoly (majoritarianism) in the production of commons: once all legislation must satisfy the natural law of reciprocity, written testimonially, and therefore truthfully, we can construct trades between the interests (classes), and all ‘legislation’ can ascend as long as it survives the tests of natural law of reciprocity that is constructed testimonially. Likewise we can agree upon norms without imposing norms. So we can ascend agreements without ascending disagreements. As such we can change from monopoly allocation of proceeds of the commons (profits/taxes) to equidistributed allocation of proceeds (everyone votes their share of the pot), or progressive allocation of proceeds (everyone votes their contribution to the pot), and eliminate representatives.

This makes it extremely difficult to engage in corruption since the possibility of lobbying a politician is eliminated, and the cost of lobbying the population is prohibitive, plus the requirement for truthful speech and strict construction places heavy burdens political proposals.

Ending monopoly means that people can produce the commons they choose to fund rather than produce those commons that they don’t choose to fund.

This eliminates the ability of politicians to subvert the population as has been done during the 20th century.

Meanwhile it makes it almost impossible for groups of citizens to circumvent the natural law.

– Majority rule is a sufficient means of decision making for small homogenous groups who must select priorities to achieve using limited resources. Majority rule is insufficient means of decision making for large heterogeneous groups with conflicting preferences. In heterogeneous groups monopoly rule by majority rule, is merely a vehicle for justifying thefts. Homogenous groups may need to select priorities among desirable ends, but because heterogeneous groups have incompatible ends, heterogeneous groups need means of cooperation on means despite incompatible ends: agreements by which difference can be mitigated through mutually beneficial exchanges. As such the purpose of government is the construction of commons by creating a market for the contractual production of commons.

 – Moral, and therefore non-parasitic, agreements between parties that are productive, fully informed, voluntary, and warrantied need no assent (approval) from third parties. Instead, all such agreements need only refrain from externalities: the imposition of costs on the property-en-toto of third parties. As such, in any market for the production of commons, assent is not necessary for the construction of exhanges between classes with differing interests. Instead such contracts must only survive criticism: adjudication. As such anyone can sue to invalidate a contract. But no one’s approval is necessary for such contracts. As such the construction of commons requires not ascent. Instead, the prevention of a contract requires dissent that survives adjudication.

 – Division of houses by cognitive labor — (undone)

 –  (summary: dissent and adjudication not assent and confirmation)


VARIABLE GOVERNMENT: Fascism – Liberalism – Social Democracy…



CIRCUMPOLAR CIVILIZATION (division of trust / truth)

Race and Group differences are attributable almost entirely to the local ability to engage in Neotonic reproduction thereby reducing the depth of physical maturity and effectively preserving youthfulness – and therefore aggression and impulsivity PLUS the ability to cull the lower classes. Europeans aggressively culled the lower classes for almost 1000 years, as did the Chinese and Japanese, both through manorialism and aggressive hanging. Between Neotonic reproduction and culling of the underclasses some groups are ‘more evolved’ than others. However, this means that almost all groups can ‘domesticate their populations and develop advanced societies if they are able to use policy to reduce underclass rates of reproduction below the replacement level.

GENETIC RESERVOIR: Genetic Reservoir: because we can adapt very rapidly by reproductive selection for different environments, different political hierarchies, and different gender traits, humans can adapt to nearly any circumstance within a few generations by modifying little more than status associated with particular traits. So our current gene pools provide a deep reservoir of reproductive adaptability.




HISTORICAL CONTEXT – HISTORY OF IDEAS: While the scientific re-enlightenemnt (British Empirical Enlightenment) restored much of the greco-roman enlightenment, that due to particular catastrophes that were a product of the european civil war (world wars to contain germany unwisely), the innovations of the calculus (relative change) we saw propagated to other fields in the combination of Darwinian(biology,sociology), Social Science (Spencer, Weber, Pareto, Durkheim) Mengerian (economics), Mathematics (Poincare, Hilbert, Bridgman), and Law( Hayek and the originalist/textualist/stcrict-constructionists) were truncated except for the newly emergent field of computer science ( Boole, Babbage, Turing ), and the physical sciences.

In other words, just as Abrahamism (zoroastrianism,judaism, christianity, islam) reversed the advances of the ancient world through immigration, writing, and supernatural fictionalism, Abrahamism in the form of Rousseau and the postmodernists in france, kant and the phenomenologists in germany, and the horde of pseudosciences in judaism (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, the Frankfurt School) and the protestant feminists in america, all used the economic and territorial mobility of the underclasses, and the new methods of media (‘counter-art’, advertising, propaganda, print, radio, television, and movies), to reverse the re-enlightenment.


DE-PROPAGADISM (copyright / testimony)

Propaganda is intentionally defective product, produced for the purpose of obtaining power, delivered with intent to persuade by deception, using rhetorical devices including: conflation, loading, framing, overloading, obscurantism, straw-men, outright lying, and dependent upon repetition as a means of creating confirmatory “evidence”, to produce an intuitive rather than rational response.

The traditional, consensus argument has been that we are all smart enough to dismiss propaganda, to learn to distrust arguments, but history says that this isn’t true. Instead, we seek to confirm our moral biases. Not only because it is in our reproductive interest, because those biases reflect our reproductive interests, but because we have invested so heavily in our biases that the cost of training our intuition – intuition that we rely upon to decrease the burden of reasoning – is simply too high. In the kaleidic universe, without prejudices (biases) decisions are not decidable. We MUST rely upon intuition – we have no other choice.

The various pseudoscientific and rationalist movements, from Marxist ‘scientific socialism’, to Freudian Psychology, to Keynesian economics, the Anthropology of Franz Boas, to the outright fabrications of the Frankfurt School, to the postmodern philosophers, to American Feminism, to today’s political correctness – all relied, and continue to rely upon, deception by the use of conflation, loading, framing, overloading, obscurantism, straw man, outright lying and cumulate in the use of Critique: confirmation based straw men as vehicles for criticism of opposing propositions, heaping of undue praise, piling-on of opponents with false arguments, and repeated chanting of falsehoods through the media.

These groups all make use of constant repetition of false statements consisting of various uses of conflation, loading, framing, obscurantism, straw men, and Marxist ‘Critique’ to stimulate our intuitions, and generate confirmation bias, via normative awareness, rather than rational persuasion by truthful means.

In other words, its a very complex and innovative form of deception using suggestion, in order to confirm our moral cognitive biases, rather than education and persuasion by reason. It is an organized, intentional, systematic war against truth, reason, and science and morality for the purpose of establishing control of our thoughts, actions, and resources, and to justify theft from us, consumption of our historic commons.

We call this war by various names: the counter-enlightenment, the postmodern movement, socialism, Marxist critique, pseudoscience. But these names give neutral moral judgment on what is an objectively immoral activity: deception for the purpose of control, theft, and virtual servitude. The truthful, rational, scientific name for these movements is ‘deception’.

The Media (undone)

The Academy (undone)

The Arts (undone)

Advertising and Marketing (undone)

Religion (undone)

Definancialization of the Financial System. There is no reason we pay interest on consumer loans (and every reason we pay it on business and industrial loans).

By nationalizing Mastercard, and issuing one every LEGAL AND FULLY INTEGRATED citizen, we can distribute liquidity (increase the money supply) by direct redistribution to the citizenry (in which case our homes would all be paid for because of the last recession), and consumer loans can be provided directly from the treasury.

Furthermore, by professionalizing ‘banking’ (basically requiring series 7 for issuing loans via the treasury, and licensing as we do CPA’s), we can eliminate consumer interest, and cut payment periods in half or to one third. Additionally we make universities carry the zero interest loans on behalf of any student, and to obtain payment as a payroll deduction over a period of no more than ten years.

This combination will mean that after about 15 years, the first time home owner will own his home free and clear, and the universities will no longer be able to offer junk degrees. I won’t go into the various extraordinary (wonderful) other consequences but this will restore the american people’s way of life and destroy the predatory financial, academic, and government sectors. There will be no other way to profit than the Silicon Valley (monarchy) model of investment in research, development, and industry.

Financialism will be destroyed forever.

DE-DISCRETIONISM (restoration of rule of law)
( undone )

DE-PROTECTIONISM (restoration of universal standing in matters of the commons) (undone)

( undone )

A NEW CONSTITUTION: A New Constitution of Natural Law – A constitution of natural law that completes the anglo law tradition and the Jeffersonian/Adams experiment by providing means of constructing and preserving natural law and market government.



THE WEST – ADAPTIVE VELOCITY: The secret to western civilization, besides being a small, relatively poor population on the edge of the bronze age, is that by the choice of voluntary militia, military tactics of maneuver requiring contractualism, and heroic sovereignty (ownership of gains), we necessitated natural law, and markets in everything. And as a consequence the west was not first, but in every era we were fastest. In other words, truth, promise(contract), natural law, and jury allow us to adapt faster than every other known method of human cooperation.

Innovation > Heroism(Risk) > Meritocracy > Sovereignty > Natural Law > Markets in Everything > The Most Rapid Adaptation Possible > The best evolutionary strategy possible.

PROPERTARIANISM PROVIDES THE RESTORATION : With Propertarianism (a name which may or may not be appropriate), we have restored and completed the re-enlightenment, and come as close as we can to restoring western civilization’s ancient uniqueness – expressed in roman ritual and mythical religion, stoic and epicurean philosophy, scientific technology, and empirical law, and reason for our extraordinary success in the ancient and modern worlds. As well as explained the causes and consequences of the dark ages, and the competing ‘counter-enlightenments’ throughout time, as a competition between truth producing eugenic evolution of the homogenous european west and eastern Han china, and falsehood producing dysgenic devolution of the heterogeneous tribal peoples in between.

I hope those ideas help you in distilling the program down substantially. THere are another dozen that are important but these are the most significant.


  1. The Heroic Civilization. For reasons we are unsure of, the west combined bronze horse and wheel, and in doing so transformed from egalitarian earth worshippers to hierarchical sun worshippers. From submissive to heroic.
  2. Sovereignty. But because of their military strategy  – a strategy that required large personal investments and large personal risk –  they chose sovereignty: the right of the individual to act as his own legislature in his family’s affairs, as the first ‘law, rule or principle’ of their society upon which all others were to depend.
    (DEFINITION: Sovereignty)
  3. Markets in Everything. The only institutional solution to choosing the strategy of sovereignty is to resort to markets in everything: relationships, marriage, production, commons, adjudication of differences, and rule. And the only means of resolving conflicts between them is the natural, judge discovered common law. In other words the only solution to sovereignty is : the absence of discretion (choice). And the only solution to the absence of choice, is rule of natural, judge-discovered law.
  4. The Rapidity of Suppression of Parasitism. The by-product of this choice of sovereignty is the rapidity with which new methods of free riding, parasitism, predation, can be suppressed – by the first case adjudicated and recorded.  And secondly, the ease of expanding risk taking when such rapidity and lack of discretion is visible.  And third, the trust that evolves from the consistent suppression of corruption in the state, and free riding in the commons, and parasitism and fraud in commerce, and predation by any criminal means.
  5. Not First but Fastest. in summary, the choice of sovereignty allowed the west to advance FASTER than the rest by process of DISCOVERY faster than the rest. So the West was not first, it was fastest, except in the medieval world when (like now) we were defeated by the first great lie: mysticism.
  6. Class Structure. The west has always practiced tri-partism: the estates of the realm – in one way or another. Since our origins on the steppes of Ukraine and Russia. Priests, Warriors, Laborers. We have always used the class structure ‘honestly’.
  7. Testimonial Truth and Deflationism. The west has (uniquely) practiced deconflationism  (specialization) in various forms – never mixing Law, religion, and festival – and resisting the church’s usurpation of our nature worship and related festivals. We have even had in some cases, different languages for our estates of the realm: Latin, French, and German.
  8. Polytheistic (And PolyArgumentative). And so the west has always practiced polytheism of sorts: martial sovereignty, commercial rule of law, craftsman’s technology, intellectual philosophy, commoner religion, and the mythology of nature and the hearth. And each has used different forms of communication and different methods of argument.
  9. No Single ‘Book’. o because of this tripartism, this unconflated set of competing yet compatible ideas produced a very complex unwritten social order never captured in a single book in a single language using a single argument. Possibly because it could not have been until now. We simply didn’t know how. It took us hundreds of years in the ancient world, and hundreds of years in the modern to discover how to complete our single language of truthful speech: that language we call ‘science’ – a language that evolved not from our priesthood, not from our intellectuals, but from our empirical, natural, common law.
  10. The Great Lies of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Our current century and the last, and part of the previous, were victims of the same strategy that Zoroaster, Jerusalem and Mecca used against us in the ancient world: the first great lie of supernatural mysticism. We have been fighting the second great lie of pseudoscience for over a century. We are now fighting the second version of the first lie: Islam, and Islam has replaced the pseudoscience of marxists: world communism with the fundamentalist, absolutist, mysticism of religion.


Propertarianism is an answer to, refutation of, and solution to, the invention of lying:  Cantor’s restoration of mathematical platonism, Marx’s pseudoscientific economics and sociology, Boaz’s pseudo-scientific anthropology and sociology, Freud’s pseudo-scientific psychology, the Frankfurt School’s pseudo-scientific aesthetics, and the French Catholic via Rousseau, and Postmoderns including Foucault, Baudrillard, Derrida, and an academy of followers propagating the  . These thinkers constitute the main actors in the Counter-Enlightenment: the Second Abrahamic attack on Western Civilization.

  1. The first fictionalist attack was the west asian caucasian invention of scripture: authoritarian mystical religion as a successor to explanatory mythology.
  2. The first Abrahamic fictionalist attack was the fabrication of authoritarian mysticism with the promise of utopia after death by the professionalization of lying about scripture;
  3. The second Abrahamic Fictionalist attack is the pseudo-scientific (Ashkenazi), pseudo-rational (German), and literary, meaning pseudo-moral (French)  attack on Western Civilization which promised the underclasses not only an escape from evolutionary and material constraints, but a utopia of consumption and a permanently expanding technology that would end all wants – using new mass media for the industrialization of lying.

Propertarianism’s purpose is to end all lying in all its elaborate forms within the informational commons: including the supernatural, pseudo-rational, the pseudo-mathematical, and the pseudoscientific.